Member of Parliament for Clarendon Northern Horace Dalley said men dressed in police uniform committed a number of robberies in the Croft’s Hill area of his constituency on Monday night, September 16.

He further stated that, a few days earlier, gunmen also robbed the Western Union outlet in Croft’s Hill.

A State of Emergency (SOE) has been in effect in Croft’s Hill and other areas of Clarendon, as well as the entire parish of St Catherine, since September 5. The House of Representatives, on Tuesday, approved a one-month extension to the SOE until October 19.

Dalley, during a debate regarding the SOE extension, lamented that law enforcers in and around Croft’s Hill have not received additional resources. He noted that criminals tend to migrate from areas where the security forces have beefed up presence to other places where there is a shortage of resources.

Croft’s Hill and other parts of Clarendon Northern, Dalley further reasoned, are usually peaceful.

“Sometimes for the entire year, there is not one murder in Northern Clarendon – from Chapelton go up there. I mean, you still have to buy the one-inch steel to make the burglar bar, but it’s relatively peaceful people. They go to court for land and go to court for little things, but they are not murderers,” Dalley further said.

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By Mills