Jessica Lake, who hails from the rural community of Berkshire Hall, located between Linstead and Guy’s Hill in St Catherine, has proven that she is an academic heavyweight.

She is now enrolled in sixth form at Charlemont High School in Linstead where she attained a total of 11 CSEC subjects from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).

Jessica scored the highest grade possible (Grade One) in nine of those subjects.

A breakdown of the accomplishments shows that she sat Mathematics and English A last year when she was in fifth form. She scored Grade One in both of them.

Jessica, this year, raked in more success, attaining Grade One in Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Social Studies, Information Technology, Physics, and Principles of Business.

She was also successful in French and English B (Literature) – the only two subjects in which she did not score Grade One.

“I know I could’ve done much better if I showed more interest in the subjects that I didn’t get Grade One in. Regardless, I am grateful that I was able to make my parents and teachers proud,” she told The Beacon.

Jessica further stated that she worked assiduously for the academic feat.

“I did as my teachers instructed me, did my assignments on time – especially School-Based Assessments, and I paid immense attention in classes,” she added. “I try to apply and merge what I learn in class with real life familiar activities, which makes everything much easier to remember for me. Along with my natural reasoning abilities, I put the work in and I prayed.”

Jessica intends to become a chemical engineer and to probably pursue neurosurgery in the distant future.

She is a past student of Jericho Primary School in Linstead.

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By Mills