Leroy McKenzie (Mass Curtis), 66, of Brandon Hill in Clarendon, died of natural cause on Sunday, 17 July 2022. He was born in the parish of St Catherine 10 April 1956 to Muriel McKenzie of Brandon Hill and Azariah McKenzie of Top Hill district in Lluidas Vale Division, St Catherine. He was the sixth of 12 children for his parents. While Mass Curtis was enrolled at Top Hill Primary School in St Catherine, his family relocated to his mother’s community of Brandon Hill. That’s how he ended up also attending Brandon Hill Primary School. Mass Curtis was a mason as well as a farmer. ForRead More →

Vernon Theophilus Lowther (Maas Vernal), 87, of Pennington district in Lluidas Vale Division, St Catherine, passed away 11 February 2022 at Linstead Public Hospital. He was born 31 January 1935 to Josiah Lowther and Ada Carty who both died when he was a child. Maas Vernal was raised at Bartons district in St Catherine by his sister Mrs. Leah Gordon and her older children. He attended Bartons All Age School where he stood out for discipline, brilliance and beautiful penmanship, his family said. In addition to being a foodie, Maas Vernal was kind, happy, hardworking and helpful. He was a farmer in his early years.Read More →

Donovan Mclee Francis (Danny), 66, of Point Hill district in St Catherine, passed away 14 February 2022 at Spanish Town Hospital, where he was being treated for an ailment. He was born 13 September 1955 to Victoria Hamilton and Orthneil Francis at Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston. Francis spent his early childhood years mainly with his maternal grandparents and uncle in the rural community of Juan de-Bolas, St Catherine. He attended Juan de-Bolas All Age School, re-named Juan de-Bolas Primary. Francis, at about age 16, relocated to a nearby district – Snake Hill, to live with his father. While there, he met the love ofRead More →

All good things must come to an end. And so did the earthly sojourn of a phenomenal woman, who had woven her existence into the commercial fabric of Linstead, St Catherine. Dorrel Louise McLeod, née Clarke, (Mrs Mc), 85, passed away peacefully 8 March 2022 at her home in Linstead. Born 26 January 1937, Mrs Mc was the first child from the union between Dudley and Leteria Clarke. She had six siblings. She grew up at Peckham district in Clarendon, and attended Tweeedside Primary School in that southern parish. In search of employment, Mrs Mc moved to Kingston. There, she found a job as aRead More →