Major protest looms over water shortage

Major protest looms over water shortage

July 15, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Residents in sections of Clarendon Northern have threatened to protest over the chronic water shortage they have been experiencing for months; and their Member of Parliament Horace Dalley is now planning to support their action.

The protest was scheduled to take place last week Friday, July 12, but it was postponed to facilitate further discussions.

“We are currently about to block the road. How come they say water is life and we are living without water for two months?” a Croft’s Hill resident told The Beacon on Friday, adding: “Imagine children are at the health centre and there is no water to do medical!”

Some of the residents have blamed Dalley, but he is deflecting that blame onto the state-owned National Water Commission (NWC).

“I think they are trying to sabotage me; the people think is me a turn off the water,” Dalley said.

He accused the NWC of incompetence, adding that there is corruption among some of the agency’s workers who regulate the water supply system especially in and around Kellits – including Croft’s Hill.

Dalley, last evening, told The Beacon: “There is incompetence in the Water Commission in the parish of Clarendon, and the people must demonstrate against them; dem can’t blame me for water!

“I called them (NWC) to regulate the water that we have. If you have a little bit of water, give Hickery today, give St John tomorrow, give the scheme [in Croft’s Hill] let dem full up dem things, then turn it to Kellits, etcetera,” Dalley added.

He explained that, in an effort to have the matter addressed, he, between Saturday and Sunday, made almost 50 calls to representatives of the NWC, including about 40 to the President – Mark Barnett.

Horace Dalley, MP for Clarendon Northern

Dalley further said he is planning to tour the major water source near Kellits in the constituency on Wednesday, July 17.

He also wants Barnett and other representatives of the NWC to meet with residents in Croft’s Hill.

“If they don’t do it, I am going to lead the demonstration myself against the Water Commission,” Dalley further declared.

“I have invited also the President of the Water Commission, the Manager and the Vice President for a meeting in Croft’s Hill by now and next week. I don’t want to block the road and burn up the road and then a me have to patch up the pothole dem, because I don’t get nuh portion of money from this government in power. The little I get can barely do anything,” Dalley said.

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