Linstead | Newton Amos calls for special cop to gather intelligence, more vehicles to patrol town

Linstead | Newton Amos calls for special cop to gather intelligence, more vehicles to patrol town

December 11, 2020 1 By Horace Mills

Jamaica Labour Party caretaker for St. Catherine North West, Newton Amos, has appealed for Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson to pump more resources into the constituency’s main town area – Linstead.

The town, as well as surrounding communities, has been grappling with gun crimes and others.

Amos, a retired senior cop, theorized that the crime rate in the area is partly to be blamed on migrating members of the dreaded Klansman gang that operates mainly in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

He wants Linstead to get a special intelligence- gathering officer, as well as three more police vehicles in order for the area to be properly patrolled.

Amos told The Beacon: “The Linstead police have only one vehicle; they don’t have a CIB vehicle. I need them (the Jamaica Constabulary Force) to send an intelligence officer, who will be permanently stationed there, to gather proper effective intelligence that will be driven by police operation in and around Linstead. Bear in mind that we have a lot of migration taking place mostly by the Klansman gang out of Spanish Town – and other gangs coming into Linstead area‚Ķ.

“I am appealing to the commissioner [of police] to look at Linstead area as it relates to policing and to increase the amount of police officers – uniformed and plain clothes, as well as service vehicles. Linstead needs at least three service vehicles and they need at least one CIB vehicle. So they need an additional three vehicles so that the police can patrol on a wide scale,” Amos further said during his first media interview since he unsuccessfully contested the September 3 General Election.

He noted that, with the Christmas season now in full swing, the limited police resources available in Linstead is likely to be severely stretched.

Amos continued: “Linstead is one of those very unique town. The layout is such that it is easily congested, and the additional amount of festivities and businesses over the Christmas – we are going to be seeing Linstead at its peak. And not to mention the whole issue of the COVID-19 pandemic and some of the restrictions and restraints that will have to be put in place. They are going to need to have the police present in Linstead.”

Amos further indicated that, if the Linstead Police Station is not large enough to accommodate more officers, some could be stationed at the new police station in Lluidas Vale. Amos noted that Lluidas Vale is among other places in the constituency that have been grappling with crime.

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