Exclusive | Family Of Slain Cop Feels ‘Really Bad’ About Comments

Exclusive | Family Of Slain Cop Feels ‘Really Bad’ About Comments

September 2, 2021 1 By Jamaica Beacon

The family of slain police corporal Delwin Jackson said it is devastated not only by the murder of its loved-one, but also by claims swirling that the cop may have been involved in wrongdoing, and may have led a taxi operator to his demise due to poor judgment.

On August 18, Corporal Jackson chartered taxi operator Kenroy Chandler to take him to the volatile Central Village in St. Catherine to purchase a Mark X motorcar.

Both men, who are from the Bog Walk area of St. Catherine, ended up being shot dead.

A spokesperson for Corporal Jackson’s family, in the first interview since tragedy struck, confirmed that the police officer had been buying and selling cars for years.

“He was getting the Mark X on a good deal,” the spokesperson told The Beacon. “He was going to sell it back. Normally when he purchased a car, he just keep it for a while like two weeks, fix it up, and sell it back [for more than he pays for it]. He has his personal vehicle right now at home.”

It was not the police officer’s first time purchasing a vehicle in Central Village.

“He purchased a Honda there, and he purchased a Axio there already – I think. I heard that they (persons he was buying from) didn’t know he was a police; he didn’t introduce himself to them as a cop,” the family representative commented.

“Jackson goh anywhere to buy car – bad place, good place, he doesn’t care. He would likely to say he is just going to do business – buy a car. He said him nuh business with bad man; him just want to know him and dem nuh inna nuh business.”

The family spokesperson denied knowledge of Corporal Jackson being involved in wrongdoing.

“He is not that type of person,” the relative added. “Delwin was a good cop and, out of his uniform, you wouldn’t even know if he was a police. He most of all enjoyed his work, but they avoid sending him into public areas such as Linstead, Bog Walk [and] Spanish Town because they say he was too soft on people.”

The negative comments, especially by supporters of the slain taxi operator, are said to be taking a toll on the police officer’s family.

“The family is really not taking it well because you lose a loved-one and, before everybody try come together and mourn and whatever, everybody is fighting against each other,” the cop’s family spokesperson lamented.

“The other family is blaming Delwin; they are blaming our family. The taxi-man got the offer [to transport Corporal Delwin Jackson], and he could have turned it down, but he accepted it and went willingly. The fact that Delwin is gone and they are blaming him, it makes the family feel real bad – especially his kids. He has twin daughters and they are not taking it very well.”

Although Corporal Jackson was loved, he also had enemies.

His family’s spokesperson noted a case in which the cop arrested a man accused of molesting a female child. It is said that the child’s mother had a relationship with both Corporal Jackson and the accused man.

The family also stated that Corporal Jackson and another person had an altercation in relation to a motor car that the officer sold, but reportedly was having problem getting paid.

The family is not ruling out anything, including the likelihood of the Central Village car deal being used as a facade to lower the cop to his demise.

Corporal Jackson, who is said to have served in the JCF for some 15 years, worked at police stations in Riversdale, Linstead, Spanish Town, Above Rocks, and Glengoffe – all in St. Catherine.

He is a past student of Enid Bennett High School in Bog Walk, and is originally from West Prospect in Bog Walk, although he lived elsewhere in Bog Walk.

The slain cabby is also from West Prospect.

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