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Keeping the community clean | Everton Pusey

Not pleased with the appearance of the central area in his hometown of Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, 58-year-old Everton Pusey opted to do something about it – initially without pay.

“I take it up on myself and start clean up the place,” he told The Beacon, adding that he started the volunteerism work in early January.

“The place did look dirty; it never suit mi as a citizen,” added Pusey. “Mi naah watch nothing – pay or no pay from Government. Cleanliness is a part of godliness; me is a godly man.”

Pusey, who works full-time as a cane cutter at Worthy Park Sugar Estate, said he cleans the town centre – including a recreational park – at least five times per month.

He posited that, since he started the clean-up, he has seen a welcomed change in the attitude of community members.

“The people dem nuh too nasty up the place since dem si mi start clean it up,” Pusey said.

“Mi use the rake and it seems like mi sweep it with a broom. It suit everybody in the community; everybody have to talk about it.”

Everton Pusey strikes a pose with his clean-up tools in Lluidas Vale town centre.

Pusey, in the meantime, disclosed that, about three weeks into volunteering, he received $1,500 from Linden Goldbourne, who operates a pastry shop in the town centre.

“Him wet mi palm, and I was so glad,” Pusey continued. “Mr Goldbourne is a nice man; him naah mek mi hungry.

“When him sell ice cream on Sundays, the people goh in the park to hang out and eat dem ice cream. Because of that, Mr Goldbourne like when the park look clean,” added Pusey.

Encouraged by the offer he received, Pusey formally sought a part-time job to keep the Lluidas Vale town centre clean.

Moneque Brown, the Administrative Assistant to Hugh Graham – Councillor for the Lluidas Vale Division, eventually started to give Pusey a monthly stipend to clean the town’s recreational park.

Pusey, who does not limit his clean-up to the recreational park, said he wants more Jamaicans to become proactive in ensuring that their communities are clean.

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