Dear Beacon,

I am concerned as to the psychological trauma The Queens School for Girls seems to be putting children.

Students have been denied the opportunity of graduating because they cannot afford to pay up all the fees owed to the school; most of these students are PATH students.

I’ve been trying to get word from the Ministry of Education from last week Thursday, but that was futile as the phones to Mrs. Smith-White constantly rang without answer.

I’ll also like to know if Administrators at the Queens School are so limited in their thinking that they can’t find another way, instead of trampling on children’s dream.

Every child is different. Whilst it’s just another day for some – not so for many… it can damage a child psychologically.

I don’t have the free mentality because it takes cash to care. However, school personnel should be considerate and think before they act.

Yours Truly,

A. Mattis

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By Mills