Autopsy Report: Senior citizen was electrocuted in Lluidas Vale Division

Autopsy Report: Senior citizen was electrocuted in Lluidas Vale Division

September 15, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

An autopsy done yesterday on the body of an elderly woman has shown that she was electrocuted, the family has told The Beacon.

The 92-year-old deceased, Maybel Chambers, otherwise called Miss May, died on the afternoon of August 12 near her home in Top Hill district, Lluidas Vale Division, St. Catherine.

Her daughter Winsome Adams said the police yesterday informed the family that, based on the autopsy, Chambers was electrocuted.

“Electrocution is also on the burial order from the police,” Adams further said, adding that the family is yet to receive the official autopsy report. She also disclosed that the family is mulling legal action.

The senior citizen, Chambers, was found lying on her back at the foot of a Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) pole, from which electrical wires had been dangling for some time. The end of one wire was also seen in Chambers’ mouth.

Hours after the incident, JPS workers arrived on the scene and disconnected electricity supply to the community before the body was removed.

At the time Chambers died, she was making her way home amid rainfall after purchasing groceries at a shop in her native Top Hill community. She had a helper.

Her daughter said funeral arrangements will be disclosed shortly, considering that the autopsy is now out of the way.

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