AUDIO: Politician vows to quit if ‘garrison’ road not repaired

AUDIO: Politician vows to quit if ‘garrison’ road not repaired

July 31, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Councillor for the Croft’s Hill Division in Clarendon, Anthony O’Connor, said he will quit representational politics if there is no repair to a roadway in what he described as the People’s National Party (PNP) garrison of Croft’s Hill.

He made the declaration in the presence of his PNP colleague and Member of Parliament for Clarendon Northern, Horace Dalley, who said Arthur Seat and Brandon Hill roads will be fixed. Dalley, however, did not give a timeline for the repairs.

The councillor, O’Connor, during his divisional conference at Croft’s Hill Primary School on Sunday, July 28, said: “I am serious about improving the roads, the lanes, the avenues in Croft’s Hill because it a di garrison to the People’s National Party.”

In relation to the Arthur Seat road, the councillor added: “I spoke to the Member of Parliament [about] the Arthur Seat road going down – and the hill going down. I naah put back my name pon di ballot, Comrade Dalley, if yuh nuh get di hill fixed up properly; somebody else a goh run as the councillor…”

The long-serving councillor, in the meantime, disclosed that Hickory top will be asphalted in September, and Chicken Back Road will be asphalted soon.

He, in the meantime, made mention of the main road in Brandon Hill, saying it will cost millions to have it repaired.

“The main road in Brandon Hill; the last time it was fully rehabilitated, Comrade Dalley did it. [Prime Minister] Andrew Holness naah give wi di money fi fix it, but wi going to try our best to allow the taxis and the private motorists to go through. But dah road deh now, the budget is about $800 million; Andrew naah release dah money deh now,” the councillor further said.

LISTEN: Councillor Anthony O’Connor talks about road condition in and around the Croft’s Hill Division

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