Mothers at St Monica’s Nursing Home in the White Marl area of St Catherine had an early Mother’s Day gift, thanks to Ruka Roberts Foundation, which yesterday volunteered to comb the mothers’ hair, clean their nails and present them with special tokens.

Head of the Foundation, Roshelle ‘Ruka’ Roberts, told The Beacon that the mothers were appreciative of the gesture. Some cried and called for their maker to rain down blessings on the volunteers.

“There are about 35 persons at the home, but 15 of them are females. I decided that I am going to treat the females considering that it is Mother’s Day today, May 12. I gave all 15 females gifts,” Roberts explained.

She added: “I carried cake and juice for the mothers; I combed their hair, do their nails, fed them, sang to them, talked with them, and prayed with them. Everybody was very happy.”

Roberts got assistance from two of her co-workers, Audrey Marlette and Yvonne Batticks.

She said the Foundation’s visit to the nursing home yesterday was the second within months; she initially volunteered in December last year.

Roberts told The Beacon that she wanted to launch her Foundation last year, but she didn’t get an opportunity to do so.

Now that it is up and running, she hopes that it will eventually expand to make children a part of its target group.

“I hope this Foundation will grow into something bigger where I will not only help senior citizens, but also the children and the less fortunate,” added Roberts, who lives in the Spanish Town area of St Catherine.

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By Mills