VIDEO: St Catherine Councillor Switches Division, But Still Confident Of Victory

February 8, 2024 0 By Horace Mills

Jennifer Hull of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has become a household name in the constituency of St Catherine South Central, which covers a section of Spanish Town.

“I love to represent; I love people and I love serving. That’s the reason why I choose to be in representational politics,” she declared.

Hull operates politically in St Catherine South Central, where Dr Andrew Wheatley is the Member of Parliament. The constituency has three parish council divisions – Horizon Park, Homestead and Sydenham – all controlled by the governing JLP.

Hull has been the Councillor for Horizon Park Division for 17 years.

But she is now switching to the neighbouring Sydenham Division, where she will represent the JLP in the February 26 local government election.

“My colleague Councillor [Hawthrone Thompson of the JLP] will not be in representational politics anymore and so I was asked to take over the Sydenham Division,” Hull explained.

JENNIFER HULL: I love people and I love serving.

The Sydenham Division, where Hull is now seeking victory, was won by her party – the JLP – when the last Local Government Election was held in 2016. At that time, the JLP’s winning candidate was Thompson.

Hull, who is also the vice Chairman of the JLP’s machinery in the constituency, does not think her switch from Horizon Park to Sydenham will have any negative implication.

“When you have a good person that can represent you go anywhere to represent,” she argued.

Hull said she performed well in the Horizon Division, adding that she hopes Sydenham residents will take that into consideration when they head to the polls.

Her tendency to get the job done is no secret to residents throughout the constituency. 

“Miss Hull is a very nice person; she is always around and helpful… We just have to give Miss Hull a try,” said Odale Clarke, a resident. “The Jamaica Labour Party has been doing well for the past years and our local government had been doing very well. So we have to put them back in power so that we can continue to develop the community.”

Another resident of Sydenham, Icilyn Scully, commented: “She (Hull) is a worker and we love her so much – and she is a people-person. She is also looking out for the youths.”

Community Development has been big on Hull’s agenda regardless of where she services.

During a tour of a section of Horizon Park Division, she highlighted a variety of projects done under her watch. A number of them are roadways that have been rehabilitated. 

“We can say we are very successful in relax infrastructure in this constituency. With the help of our Member of Parliament we can proudly say we are on our way with infrastructure,” she said.

The communities that are still struggling with bad roads and other issues are being urged to wait just a little longer. 

“We will work and we will work with you, just be patient,” she implored residents. “I just want you to know that we are making the best representation that we can do for you.”

Hull, who promised to further consult with residents to ascertain their needs, is also mulling more benefits from the farm work programme and more certification for the young people of Sydenham Division.

Editorial Note: This story is sponsored by the JLP

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