PNP gov’t was too focused on balancing the books – PHILLIPS

PNP gov’t was too focused on balancing the books – PHILLIPS

July 3, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

While urging members of the opposition People’s National Party (PNP) to remain united despite having personal ambitions, party member Mikael Phillips said a future PNP government should place more emphasis on balancing people’s lives instead of only balancing the books.

He criticized the PNP for placing too much focus on balancing the books when it last formed the government – a period within which his father Dr Peter Phillips served as finance minister.

“The failing of the PNP in our last administration; we come with the same stupidness as the labourites dem, wi a balance the book,” he said, adding that the organization was not simultaneously ‘balancing the lives of the people at the bottom’.

He reasoned that the only time economic independence is achieved is when people at the bottom are elevated from poverty.

“A dem deh something deh wi need fi start talk bout; how as an organization we are going to create opportunities for the people at the bottom; how it is that we are going to bring them up,” Phillips further said on Sunday (July 1) at the Palmers Cross Divisional Conference in Clarendon.

He noted that he will seek one of the party’s four Vice President posts in September because of what he is able to contribute to the organization.

“I have offered myself as a Vice President of the People’s National Party. I have not offered myself because I am the son of Peter Phillips. I have offered myself because I am a member of the People’s National Party…” he added.

Mikael Phillips addressing a previous PNP event. Photo Credit:

Phillips, in the meantime, urged the leadership of the PNP to do the necessary introspection and again place people at the centre of the political organization – not at the back.

“That is what I want us to get back to, because, if you don’t put the people at the centre, then you are going to get sidetracked, and we have gotten sidetracked to a certain extent…” he continued.

“Let us continue to hold the banner of the People’s National Party high… Let us stay as one family. The People’s National Party has never lost an election once we are united – never, no matter how much money the labourites come with… If the PNP win, all a wi win. But me can tell you seh it is not a nice place when me in opposition,” added Phillips, who also is Member of Parliament for Manchester North West.

By Horace Mills

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