PNP Family Not Pleased – It decries ‘poor performance’ by Graham and Pickersgill

PNP Family Not Pleased – It decries ‘poor performance’ by Graham and Pickersgill

June 27, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Two former school principals, whose family members represented the People’s National Party (PNP) for several years, said two of the organization’s elected representatives have not been serving the people well in St. Catherine North West, especially Lluidas Vale Division.

Errol Beresford McLean and Rosalie McLean, who publicly vented their dissatisfaction this week, are the children of late former PNP Councillor for the Lluidas Vale Division Archibald McLean. They are also the siblings of late former PNP Councillor Glenmore McLean – also of the Lluidas Vale Division.

The current Councillor for the Division is Hugh Graham of the PNP, and the Member of Parliament for the constituency is Robert Pickersgill – also of the PNP.

Mr. McLean warned that, due to poor performance, the party may lose the constituency in the next general election.

“I am a voter in this Lluidas Vale Division and the wider North West [St. Catherine] constituency, and I have always voted for PNP. But when I saw the foolishness that emerged recently, I am inclined not to vote this time for the PNP. If you are not careful, you might lose both MP and Councillor. Mark my word. Some of these people are not interested in serving the people and their needs; all they are interested in is serving themselves and gaining power for themselves,” he posited.

Mr. McLean further decried what he considers to be the lack of improvement in the Lluidas Vale Division – including his family’s native community of Pennington. He noted that the Lluidas Vale Division has saved the party from losing the overall constituency on numerous occasions.

“Look at the infrastructure in Pennington, Union, Top Hill, Tydixon and other areas in the Lluidas Vale Division. Shame on the current leaders,” Mr. McLean declared.

Meanwhile, Ms. McLean, in agreeing with her brother, reasoned that signs of neglect are evident throughout the constituency.

“It pains my heart to see the kind of representation meted out to us in North West St. Catherine – a strong PNP constituency. Pennington, my community, is completely neglected – no road, no water in this drought season among other poor infrastructure. My brother, Glenmore McLean, must be turning in his grave,” she said.

Ms. McLean continued: “Gone were the days of good representation by my late father, brother, Jack Stephenson and Rudyard Lawson. Now, it’s all about personal aggrandizement.”

The Member of Parliament, Pickersgill, on numerous occasions, has been accused of poor performance. In December 2018 when he was asked to reply to the concerns, he emphasized that he has never lost an election in the constituency.

“I would like them (critics) to point out where we didn’t do well, because you don’t win seven consecutive elections and you [are] not doing well,” Pickersgill had told The Beacon.

He is not seeking re-election. Graham will be the party’s candidate in the next General Election.

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