Let the delegates decide, McLean siblings urge PNP

Let the delegates decide, McLean siblings urge PNP

June 27, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Some of the candidates seeking to represent the PNP in the Local Government Elections in Lluidas Vale or Ewarton Divisions

Former school principals Errol McLean and Rosalie McLean, whose late father Archibald McLean and brother Glenmore McLean served as PNP councillors in the Lluidas Vale Division

The People’s National Party (PNP) is being urged to resort to the ‘democratic’ process in selecting Local Government Election candidates for the Lluidas Vale and Ewarton Divisions in St. Catherine North West.

Errol Beresford McLean and Rosalie McLean, whose late father and brother served as PNP councillors in the Lluidas Vale Division, made the appeal amid a firestorm over the selection of candidates in the two divisions.

The constituency executive had selected Moneque Brown to represent the PNP in the Lluidas Vale Division, and Donald Tinling Jr in the Ewarton Division.

At least four other aspirants were overlooked in the selection process, which unusually did not allow voting by delegates and party workers.

Chairman of the constituency, Hugh Graham, explained that, as a result of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the PNP executive had scrapped all election conferences, where delegates and party workers usually vote to select candidates.

The PNP secretariat has intervened to help quell the raging controversy.

Mr. McLean, in a public appeal to the party’s secretariat, noted that the PNP ‘is a democratic organisation and not a dictatorship’.

He added: “Those who want to impose their will – their preferred candidate on the people of various divisions for whatever reason must not be allowed to do so. The spurious attempt to get their preferred candidates in under the guise of COVID-19 must not be tolerated.

“There should be the normal selection conference after all protocols are observed and democratic channels exhausted or otherwise decided by the party hierarchy,” Mr. McLean further said.

Meanwhile, Ms. McLean, in calling for the democratic process to not be circumvented, expressed hope that the best person will be selected to represent the PNP and the divisions.

“We need someone in this division/constituency who put people first and is willing to serve – not only family and friends. PNP secretariat, hurry up and settle the selection process democratically so we’ll have good representation for all… As if it’s some heirloom to be handed down to friends while circumventing the democratic process… Let the delegates decide,” Ms. McLean further appealed.

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