Graham Defends Candidate Selections In Ewarton, Lluidas Vale Divisions

Graham Defends Candidate Selections In Ewarton, Lluidas Vale Divisions

June 27, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Chairman for the People’s National Party (PNP) machinery in St. Catherine North West, Hugh Graham, is defending a decision made by his constituency executive to choose persons to represent the party respectively in the Lluidas Vale and Ewarton Divisions.

He reiterated that the selection method, which did not facilitate voting by divisional delegates and workers this time round, is in keeping with the mandate of the party’s executive, which is the highest PNP decision-making body outside of annual conference.

Graham previously explained that, as a result of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the PNP executive had scrapped all election conferences where delegates usually vote to select candidates.

Graham told The Beacon this week that his constituency executive selected Donald Tingling Jr to be the new PNP candidate in the Ewarton Division, and Moneque Brown in the Lluidas Vale Division. Those two persons currently serve on the PNP constituency executive in St. Catherine North West.

The selection by the constituency executive has not gone down well with other people who were seeking to represent the PNP in the Lluidas Vale and Ewarton Divisions.

The party’s Region 4, which oversees constituencies such as St. Catherine North West, also questioned if protocols were followed by the constituency executive. It further indicated that the process is incomplete, and the two persons selected by the constituency executive did not formally apply for the positions.

The party’s General Secretary, Julian Robinson, has promised to intervene to have the matter resolved.

Graham is now telling The Beacon that his constituency executive did nothing wrong.

“Nothing went wrong. North West St. Catherine is a recognized constituency and, as such, we are empowered to make decisions on matters concerning our constituency, including recommendations as to the person or persons to be the standard bearers for the divisions or the constituency. This is in keeping with the mandate of the party’s executive. Hope this puts the matter to rest,” he said.

Meanwhile, the aspirants overlooked by the constituency executive are:

Kayon Page – Lluidas Vale Division

Camaleeta Harris – Lluidas Vale Division

Marlon Garvey – Ewarton Division

Kamal Thompson – Ewarton Division

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