A Kingston mother, who admitted to ‘spoiling’ her two sons when they were younger, is now reaping the whirlwind, which is threatening her very existence.

She claimed that the Rockfort and Rollington Town police have refused to arrest her 20-year-old son, who is said to be bipolar, and who almost murdered her on Tuesday night. It is also alleged that the young man sometimes batters his father, causing his to repeatedly spend time in hospital.

The mother, who requested anonymity in order to protect her job in the insurance industry, further stated that the aforementioned son has been pushing his 15-year-old brother into wrongdoing.

“I don’t love them anymore,” she declared. “Honestly, the pain that I am feeling right now, I wish that they were dead.”

The mother, who telephoned The Beacon yesterday – her 50th birthday, explained how her elder son almost murdered her the night before, May 28.

“My life flashed before me Tuesday night when my [elder] son hold a knife at my face, and hold mi throat like him a stangle mi,” the mother recalled, adding that the son also threatened to cut her throat.

She eventually fled her Rockfort home by night, and took refuge at her parents’ residence in St Ann.

The mother explained that she is not the only victim.

“My older son send him father inna hospital many times with broken jawbone, fractured skull, and black and blue eye. Many nights the father have to sleep outside,” she added. “When I go to the police station and report it, the father would tell the police what happened but him not pressing any chargeā€¦”

The mother said she is disappointed that the Rockfort and Rollington Town Police have not taken meaningful action, despite the numerous reports made against her 20-year-old son.

“Our law in Jamaica doesn’t prevent situations from happening; they allow the situation to happen before they do anything,” she opined. “Unless my body is spread out on the floor and they come to draw the yellow tape; that’s the only time they would probably arrest him or probably shoot him.”

The mother further said the 20-year-old has been driving fear into her younger son.

“The younger one not telling us anything, but he will leave out of the house and go away for hours and come in after 12 in the night. He is afraid of the 20-year-old, and have to carry money come give to him,” she added.

She said the University Hospital of the West Indies and Bellevue Hospital have diagnosed her elder son to be bipolar, adding that he sometimes spends time in the latter facility.

She however does not believe he is bipolar; she thinks he is ‘just wicked and evil’.

The elder son also refuses to take his medication whenever he is out of Bellevue, the mother further told The Beacon.

She, in the meantime, admitted to ‘spoiling’ her sons when they were younger partly because they have ‘brown’ complexion.

“Mi did think dem too nice because dem have brown skin. I wanted them to be happy; I didn’t want them to do anything (chores) at home. That’s the biggest regret I have,” the mother said, noting that her boys attended Saints Peter and Paul Prep School, as well as Jamaica College.

She said she supported them financially, especially when she worked in the United States while on a visitor’s visa between 2009 and 2011. They spent holidays abroad with her during the said period.

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