I blame myself | Mother searches for son left 25 years ago in May Pen

I blame myself | Mother searches for son left 25 years ago in May Pen

May 30, 2019 1 By Horace Mills

Manchester resident Winsome Clarke said she made a terrible mistake 25 years ago, and it is still haunting her at this very minute.

She, at the time, left her three-year-old son with a woman in the town of May Pen, Clarendon.

The child’s father, Delroy Chambers, should have collected him from the woman, but he did not show up immediately, the mother claimed.

She added: “The father said him never goh for the baby same time and, when he did, he never find the lady.”

The mother further told The Beacon that the woman in question ‘was known’ by her and by the child’s father.

However, when asked to state the woman’s name, Clarke said she does not recall it.

“I don’t even remember her name; she is from May Pen,” the mother said. “She was short and black – not big in body. She used to sell ground provisions at Guinep Tree [in May Pen]. She was a big woman that time, so she is old by now.”

Clarke said she has not seen the woman since she handed over the baby; neither has the child’s father who lived at Guinep Tree in May Pen at the time the baby disappeared.

The mother, who said she lived at Melrose in Manchester when the baby went missing, disclosed that the police were never informed about the disappearance.

“I was scared at the time. Now, I am sorry I did not report it. I was relying on the father to find the lady…

“I blame myself for everything, plus I never live anywhere at that time. My mom was paying my rent and she stopped, so the landlord run me out of her house. As I am typing, my eyes are full of water,” Clarke told The Beacon in written responses to questions posed.

Clarke stated that she has been trying for more than 20 years to locate her son – without success. She, however, has not lost hope.

That’s the reason she is making this appeal for information from anyone who can help her find the adult version of her missing child, who was fondly called Chazzar, born on 25 May 1991.

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