Future psychiatrist scores 98.4 percent average in GSAT

Future psychiatrist scores 98.4 percent average in GSAT

June 19, 2018 377 By Horace Mills

Abigail Taylor has scored 98.4 percent average in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), and is raring to start classes at Immaculate Conception High.

The 11-year-old, who attends St Richards Primary in St Andrew, wants to become a psychiatrist.

“I find it very interesting that your mind can impact your entire life,” she posited.

Abigail is grateful for teachers who touched her life at the schools she attended – Herrick Early Childhood Development Centre, Half Way Tree Primary, and now St Richards Primary where the GSAT teachers are Ayton Wallace and Shanique Durrant.

The young scholar said she does not intend to disappoint those educators, as well as her relatives and church community.

“With God’s guidance, you will hear much more from and about me as I strive for higher heights,” she told Jamaica Beacon. “I will remain positive, humble and grateful.”

Future psychiatrist scores 98.4 percent average in GSAT

Abigail Taylor. Photo provided

Meanwhile,  Abigail scored 100 percent in GSAT Science this year, 98 percent in Social Studies, 97 percent in Mathematics, 97 percent in Language Arts, and 100 percent in Communication Task.

With those grades in mind, Andrew Taylor and Megan Clarke are exceptionally proud parents.

“I am proud, humbled, grateful and happy,” Clarke declared, adding that Abigail is a consistently high academic performer.

She is a prefect at St Richards and a former valedictorian at the early childhood institution she attended.

“Her academic performance over the years has always been excellent,” the mother continued.

“I have been supportive of her every step of the way. I expect that she will continue to work hard, make her mark at Immaculate Conception High, make herself proud, and contribute positively to Jamaica and to the world.”

By Horace Mills

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