Loved beyond words | Kevar buried with dark glasses and truck image

Loved beyond words | Kevar buried with dark glasses and truck image

April 30, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

An energy-packed crowd descended on the Treadways area of Linstead, St Catherine, in an atmosphere filled with glowing tributes and belly-deep weeping on Sunday, April 28.

It was an occasion to say goodbye to 25-year-old Kevar Burrell, who died on 18 March 2019 in a truck incident, which transpired at West Indies Alumina Company (WINDALCO) in the Ewarton area of St Catherine.

Florence Mighty, who delivered the eulogy, said her cousin died weeks into his dream job.

“It was an earth-shattering reality when, after three weeks of landing his dream job of driving a truck, Kevar was ushered out of this life,” she told the congregation inside Palm Seventh Day Adventist Church in Treadways.

Mighty further stated that Kevar previously worked for a relatively brief period of time with Crystal Bakery as the driver of a bread truck, and as a limousine driver in the Bahamas.

“He was always appropriately dressed and was not easily influenced,” the cousin declared. “When he migrated to the Bahamas and worked for a short while as a limousine driver, he was classic in his black pants, white shirt, and his bow tie with his dark glasses perched across his head.”

Kevar, who answered to the alias Ray Charles, was buried in a pair of dark glasses – similar to the ones that had become a permanent feature of his dress code. His grave, in the meantime, was decorated with a relatively large image of a truck – his favourite vehicle since childhood.

“His love for trucks was insatiable,” Mighty declared, adding that her cousin sometimes spent hours surfing the internet – looking at trucks and playing racing games. “Although his father was one of the best in the business of cabinetry, Kevar had no interest in woodwork; his greatest love was for trucks,” she said.

Kevar, who was born at Linstead Public Hospital to parents Shirley Scott and Clive Burrell, was described as an observant, frank, caring, and sometimes impulsive young man.

He sometimes talked about returning to church; he previously was baptized.

Mighty stated that Kevar loved and, in return, was loved. “He was loved beyond words,” she further asserted.

Meanwhile, at the end of the church service, Kevar’s white casket – with blue lining and glass top – was carried to the family plot in Treadways amid the pulsating sounds of a marching band.

The grief especially at the family plot was palpable; women and men broke down in tears.

One man bawled: “What happen to di truck company, Kevar? What happen to di farming, my youth? Wi oh get rich ino youth! Yuh fi buy a truck, dawg! Wi oh buy Grandpa van!”

The late Kevar, in the meantime, attended Bermady Primary School, and McGrath High School where he pursued a mix of the Arts and Sciences. A number of his schoolmates – including representatives of his 2011 graduating class – attended the funeral service.

Kevar also enrolled in evening classes at Jamaica Bible College, with a view to matriculate to Northern Caribbean University.

He died leaving his parents, other relatives, and several close friends.

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