We can beat any team – Charlemont High

We can beat any team – Charlemont High

October 22, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Moments after his team secured a place in the quarter final of the ISSA/WATA daCosta Cup Competition, Coach of Charlemont High School Kavi Meeks declared that his team’s chances of lifting the cup this year are equal to any other team’s.

He told The Beacon that Charlemont High, located in the Linstead area of St Catherine, has been playing well consistently.

“Our change is as equal as anybody because we have played some good teams over the pre-season coming right up, and we have done well. With our capabilities, we can beat any team, so we have high hopes,” he said.

Wildman scored 2 of Charlemont’s 3 goals on Saturday

Meanwhile, Charlemont High, on Saturday, beat Brown’s Town High 3-0 in the return leg of their second round encounter.

Clive Wedderburn scored once. Deron Wildman, who netted the ball twice, was assisted from the field on two occasions due to injury. He was pulled from play on the second occasion.

Regarding that win against Brown’s Town High, located in St Ann, Meeks told The Beacon: “We just did what we had to do to get ourselves to the quarter finals, and we just have to take it from here now.”

Some members of the Brown’s Town coaching staff were fighting a verbal battle off the field while their players struggled. The coach and an assistant were ordered to leave the playing area because they ignored a warning to discontinue their criticism of the referee whom they thought was being unfair in his rulings.

Brown’s Town High recently beat Charlemont 2-1 in an encounter at Drax Hall, St Ann.

Members of the Brown’s Town High team are shown above dialoguing with their coach away from the field on Saturday; this after the coach (to the extreme left in light brown clothing) obeyed an order to leave the playing area.

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