VIDEO: Lluidas Vale actors hit big audience with clear message against gun violence

VIDEO: Lluidas Vale actors hit big audience with clear message against gun violence

May 21, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Two young actors from Lluidas Vale district in St. Catherine – Advo Dan and Downtown – are being celebrated; this after they creatively put a positive spin to a controversial video and song released by Dancehall artiste Masicka.

After the young actors posted their video, Masicka shared it on his Instagram page yesterday – attracting 60,819 views within 14 hours. The youngsters’ video, so far, has been liked by legendary sprinter Usain Bolt and Dancehall artiste Dexta Daps.


Masicka, who is an international artiste, last month released the official video to his song ‘Grandfather’. In his video, a bullied male child is getting advice from Masicka, who is attired as an elderly ‘grandfather’.

The ‘grandfather’, with a gun in his hand, glorifies his long involvement in gun violence, and is seemingly encouraging the child to follow his pattern. The child smiles and is fascinated, but is no longer seen as soon as he is about to be handed the gun.

A younger version of the ‘grandfather’ replaces the child and accepts the weapon.

The fact that a younger version of the ‘grandfather’ accepts the gun may be interpreted as a promotion or pass-down of gun violence.


Upon seeing the controversial video by Masicka, the young actors from Lluidas Vale boldly created their own version.

In their video, a child comes under the influence of a ‘grandfather’, who starts to glorify gun violence.

The child, instead of disappearing into thin air, makes it crystal clear that he has no interest in perpetuating the culture of gun violence. He declares: “When mi grow up, mi nuh want tun nuh gun man!”

Here are the videos:

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