Record of birth found – Linstead mom breaks silence about not registering, schooling son

Record of birth found – Linstead mom breaks silence about not registering, schooling son

May 20, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Jason ‘Kehaos’ Ridge

Verna Davis, otherwise called Valrie, said severe hardship is what prevented her from registering the birth of her 24-year-old son, who also never attended school.

She made the declaration in an exclusive interview with The Beacon yesterday – a day after she took a big step to commence the birth registration process.

The resident of Wakefield district in Linstead, St. Catherine, disclosed that she visited the Registrar General’s Department on Monday, and collected the necessary documents to be filled out and returned to the Department.

She stated that a search was also conducted, and the birth of Jason was found to be registered at Linstead Public Hospital. However, there is no name attached to the hospital documents.

The mother broke her silence after her son, Jason Ridge, last week disclosed his tough circumstances to The Beacon; this as he displayed his talent as an aspiring Dancehall artiste. Jason uses the stage name Kehaos.

He is the fifth of 11 children for his mother. One of his brothers was murdered, and two of his sisters died of natural causes.

Jason, who is the only child in the family who never attended school and never got a birth certificate, said he loves his mom dearly and considers her the world’s best.

In the meantime, the mother declared that she regrets not registering Jason at birth.

“Jason does not have a birth certificate because I never register him. I am a mother of 11 children with little or no help from their father,” she continued.

“I start the process [this week to get the birth certificate] because I see that Jason is in need of it.”

The mother added that, due to the fact that Jason did not have a birth certificate, the schools in his home community of Wakefield refused to enroll him.

“I regretted not sending him to school, so I tried to help him to read on my own,” she said.

The mother continued: “Jason had asthma very bad as a child, so I spent more time at the hospital than at home with him, and I didn’t have any help. There was only one basic school in my district that I could afford. I tried there, but they never take him – also the Wakefield Primary School.”

The mother further said she does not consider herself a poor parent, adding that, in the end, she never abandoned her children.

“I think I was the best I could be,” she told The Beacon. “I do blame myself for not doing more for Jason, but, even when it gets rough, I was there for my children.”

She expressed hope that Jason will fulfill his dream of becoming a successful artiste. “I want Jason to get all the help he needs to be successful in music,” the 51-year-old mother further said.

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