Sons paint mother’s grave, forgive suspected stone thrower

Sons paint mother’s grave, forgive suspected stone thrower

May 23, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

While still nurturing the seed of forgiveness they have planted, six brothers from Lluidas Vale in St Catherine, on May 12, experienced their first Mother’s Day without their mom, Mary Patience, who died tragically last year.

“Mother’s Day was a terrible day for me; I didn’t want any food to eat,” Challamar Cyrus told The Beacon.

“It is the first I am experiencing a Mother’s Day without a mother, and it was a terrible feeling although we were there painting her grave.”

While some of the sons were unable to attend the grave-painting, some of Patience’s extended family members were there to give a helping hand.

They included one of Patience’s grand-daughters, Chrissana Cyrus, who selected pink to be the theme colour for virtually everything – from the funeral arrangements in November to the grave painting this month.

Patience, 52, died on September 15 last year after being hit by a stone while attempting to settle a stone-throwing dispute between one of her sons and her common-law husband.

The Beacon does not know for sure who flung the stone that killed Patience.

Police detained the common-law husband shortly after the incident, but released him without charge.

Challamar disclosed that Patience’s two eldest sons have decided to forgive the common-law husband, adding that the younger ones were advised to follow suit.

“I am the last one, and my brothers say forgive him (the common-law husband); don’t bother to pay that any mind because it is already gone, and he was with my mother for a long time. It kinda hurt, but we forgive him; we don’t even bother to follow it up.”

Challamar, in the meantime, said the sons have decided to continue honouring the memory of their mother who died while making peace.

“We want to show her our respect and show her that, although she is gone, wi nuh forget about her,” he told The Beacon, adding that plans are afoot to have Patience’s grave tiled – in pink, of course.

Patience’s other sons are Kevin Gordon, Gerald Gordon, Marvin Samuels, and twins Demar and Dermar Cyrus.

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