Post office gets face-lift

Post office gets face-lift

October 21, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

The Lluidas Vale Post Office in St Catherine received a facelift on Saturday, October 19, through the combined effort of Lluidas Vale natives living locally and abroad.

Community activist Arlene Thomas recently suggested the project to Kayon Page, who is seeking to represent the People’s National Party as councillor in the Lluidas Vale Division.

Page said: “Without hesitation, I contacted a group of people who live overseas, but who are from Lluidas Vale and want to see the community grow. They go by the name Love Vale Development Committee.”

The committee donated cash, which was used to purchase paint and other items. Page said the volunteers painted outside the building, varnished furniture, and cut the lawn.

“This goes to show that community spirit is not lost; community spirit is alive and well in Lluidas Vale and persons are moving to make this community a great place to live, work and raise family,” Page added.

President and Founder of the Love Vale Development Committee, Errol Butler – better known as Pasco, told The Beacon that the recently founded group is elated to have assisted with the project.

“We the people of Lluidas Vale who are living abroad want to uplift our community,” he declared, adding that a number of other community development projects are in the offing for Lluidas Vale.

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