January 31, 2020 1 By Horace Mills

Pamela Oliver is not the tallest or most financially stable resident of Point Hill district, St. Catherine, but she is highly appreciative of many things – including her stature of four feet seven inches.

“I can help myself in many ways; some people cannot help themselves – they are in wheelchair and all those things,” said the 58-year-old past student of Point Hill Leased Primary School.

She stated that, although strangers sometimes stare at her when she travels outside her community, she, over the years, has received nothing but love in her hometown.

“Certain places I go, people stare at me and then, for a while, they just stop. Some say, ‘she look neat; she look good‘. I don’t feel any way; I feel fit in myself same like a normal somebody,” added Oliver, affectionately called Pam.

She told The Beacon that, although she tries to remain high-spirited, she is not happy with her living conditions.

The rented house in which she lives near Point Hill town centre has fallen into disrepair, forcing virtually all tenants to flee.

“Everybody moved out of the house and leave me alone. Rain wetting me and all that – rats and all kind of things,” Oliver explained.

She added: “I would like to get a house because I am paying rent and I am not working right now. I would like the house to live in; I have the property can put it on.”

Oliver, who has a daughter and three grandchildren, said her daughter supports her financially, but building a house has proven to be a challenge.

“My daughter help me because I don’t have anybody else to finance me out,” she added.

Oliver, in the meantime, hopes to again start raking in some funds for herself.

She is banking on her lifelong dream to make it big as a dancer.

“I can dance good,” she said. “If a Quadrille; if a Mento; any type of dance mi wi dance it.”

Oliver further told The Beacon that she volunteers as a dancer at events in and around her community.

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