Charlemont takes on urban schools in lacrosse, wins first match

Charlemont takes on urban schools in lacrosse, wins first match

January 30, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

A team from Charlemont High School in Linstead, St. Catherine, has won its first major encounter in lacrosse – a highly athletic and active sport that is relatively new to rural schools in Jamaica.

The game involves players trying to get a rubber ball into a net or goal, using a long stick with a net on the end of it called a lacrosse stick.

Coach of the Charlemont team, Amanda Graham-Golding, said the school is the first from the rural area to formally compete in the sport, which is played mainly in Kingston.

The Charlemont players, on January 18, defeated Immaculate Conception High 5-2 in The Maroon Cup.

They will next play Excelsior High School this week Saturday.

Graham-Golding, who is a former coach of two-time champion in the urban area – Excelsior High, is upbeat about the prospects for Charlemont where she is now a teacher.

She noted that the Charlemont squad started playing lacrosse only three months prior to winning the first match against the experienced Immaculate.

“This is a new team of girls that are really excited about this sport – which makes them gravitate to it even faster,” Graham-Golding told The Beacon, adding: “They are doing extremely well.”

Members of the Charlemont team are: Amanda Augle, Jade Bookal, Erlara Bygrave, Normonique Thompson, Gabriella Morrison, Samoya Young, Racine Grant, Chantal Harris, Abigail Wade, Saskia Lewis, Detrina Brown, and Monica Matthews.

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