PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Grand Market in Linstead

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Grand Market in Linstead

December 26, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

The crowds were not as large as in recent years purportedly due to the ongoing state of public emergency, but the energy was high throughout Linstead in St Catherine on Grand Market night, December 24.

People were busy buying and selling, partying and doing other activities on virtually all streets, especially Fletcher’s Avenue and King Street.

This is Linstead town centre at one point on Grand Market night 2018

The energy was fever pitch especially in three main areas where sound systems were set up. Those large party spots were the public transportation centre on King Street, the plaza where KFC is located, and the area in and around Texaco gas station also on King Street.

PARTY ONE: A section of the massive crowd at the Texaco gas station party venue

PARTY TWO: The transport centre on King Street in Linstead, St Catherine, was transformed into a party scene

PARTY THREE: The crowd that gathered on the plaza where KFC is located

The short video below gives an idea of the crowd at the Texaco location where the largest party was held:

Meanwhile, the police, shortly after 4 o’clock in the morning, were busy ensuring all major sound systems were off, but the crowds remained in the streets until daylight.

That moment when, shortly before 4:30am, the police (in black hat) signalled the sound system selector at Texaco gas station to end the show

Throughout the night, Rose Duncan Park in the town centre was also very busy. It was transformed into a fun zone with attractions such as bounce-about, trampoline, ferris wheel, video games, and face painting – as shown below.

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