Page wants to bring tourists, more jobs to Lluidas Vale Division

Page wants to bring tourists, more jobs to Lluidas Vale Division

September 28, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

While promising widespread consultation ahead of any implementation, Kayon Page said he has a five-pillar plan to move the Lluidas Vale Division in St Catherine forward if he is chosen to serve as the next councillor.

He said he is not disclosing all of his major plans at this time, but he will ‘build on the legacy’ of his predecessors by pushing ecotourism, improvement of healthcare and sporting facilities, provision of educational incentives, and promotion of family values.

Elaborating on ecotourism, Page noted that the division has a rich history and potential attractions such as caves, which could provide employment for residents if tourists are brought into the division to explore its natural assets.

“Europeans love those natural amenities. The Lluidas Vale Division has a rich history stretching all the way back to Pennington and Juan-de-Bolas. They have a rich history that we need to sell to the world so that we could create employment and not only [rely on] Worthy Park Sugar Estate [for jobs],” Page told The Beacon in an exclusive interview.

He is also big on family values, which, he lamented, are being eroded in the division.

“I want to bring back that family-orientated community; that nice place to live and raise family,” he declared.

“I have a plan where I am going to meet with all the pastors of the division, and we are going to have a bawl out to take back our community. As Donald Trump said, he wants to make America great again. I want to make Lluidas Vale one of the greatest communities… I want to develop Lluidas Vale into a modern community.”

Page, in the meantime, said he intends to place emphasis on sports. “We can have more athletes coming out of Lluidas Vale if we develop and improve on our sporting facilities.”

He further noted that, before he implements any plan, he would hear what the people also want for themselves and their division.

“The entire community will be involved in what I am doing; we are not going to lead draconically,” Page said, adding that he already started a tour of communities such as Top Hill, Pennington and Camperdown.

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Page is seeking to succeed Hugh Graham as the People’s National Party (PNP) representative in the Lluidas Vale Division.

Graham, who is the sitting councillor, is expected to move up to represent the PNP in St Catherine North West when the next general election is held.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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