Mother ‘jumps and screams’ over daughter’s results in Linstead

Mother ‘jumps and screams’ over daughter’s results in Linstead

June 13, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

It is turning out to be a week when a number of single mothers, coincidentally, have been grabbing the headlines for the sterling contribution they have made towards their children’s success in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) this year.

Sirlena Garricks, who is a resident of Commodore district in Linstead, St Catherine, is among those mothers worthy of honour.

She stated that she ‘jumped and screamed’ when she heard that her 11-year-old daughter, Selena Thompson, will attend the Spanish Town-based St Jago High School in September.

She scored 96 percent in Mathematics, 95 percent in Science, 86 percent in Social Studies, 92 percent in Communication Task, and 91 percent in Language Arts.

Selena, who attends Jericho Primary School in Linstead, is the top performing girl there.

“I am very proud of myself because I never thought I would get such a high grade in GSAT or even become the top girl in GSAT at my school,” she told Jamaica Beacon.

“When I reach high school, I plan to follow my dreams and achieve my goals and make myself and my mother and family proud.”

After the hard work…

Selena wants to become an air hostess or a computer technician.

She said her teachers, including Carvel Martin and Lisa Facey, are among the people who contributed enormously to her success.

Her mother also has a hand in the 92 percent average.

“I have been really supportive of her. I help her with her homework and projects. Anything the school gives that has to be graded, I am with her 100 percent,” the mother told Jamaica Beacon.

Her daughter, over the years, has maintained a high average. It got even higher since she joined the quiz team at school, the mother noted.

“I feel extremely proud of her knowing that I am a single mother that does my best. I jumped and screamed when I heard the results because St Jago High is my dream school. What makes me more excited is when I heard she is the top girl at her school this year,” the mother continued.

“I have great expectations of my daughter and, with God by her side and hard work, she will maintain her standards and make me proud.”

By Horace Mills

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