MASSIVE BLOW – Young man dies in crash days after graduating with first class honours; he was shortlisted for Rhodes Scholarship

MASSIVE BLOW – Young man dies in crash days after graduating with first class honours; he was shortlisted for Rhodes Scholarship

November 27, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

A family in the Greater Portmore area of St Catherine has been devastated by the tragic loss of a highly promising loved-one, Chevaul French, who died 10 days after graduating with First Class Honours in Actuarial Science from the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona.

The youngster, who was employed to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) up to when the vehicle he was driving crashed in St Catherine on November 13, died in hospital on Sunday, November 24.

The bereaved family stated that Chevaul, in addition to receiving First Class Honours, was shortlisted to be interviewed on November 21 for the highly prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. He, however, did not attend the interview session because he was in hospital battling for life.

Had he been selected as the 2020 Rhodes Scholar, Chevaul would have got an opportunity to study in England to fulfill his dream of becoming a financial analyst.

“The man even start talking bout when him reach England what him going to duh,” said a distraught Eaton French, dad of the deceased.

The crash victim, a past student of Naggo Head Primary School as well as Kingston College, represented both institutions in Schools’ Challenge Quiz.

He, over the years, attained several awards for outstanding performances – especially in academics.

“In the family, I would say I am only second in command. Chevaul is the patriarch of the family. I mean, he is the rational one; he is the bright one, and he is bright and humble,” the father further told The Beacon.

He said his son was also an active member of the Portmore Moravian Church, and was highly respected by his peers. “The man preached one day and the place stood still; an him talk up di things dem ino… He was alike a seasoned preacher,” the father added.

He stated that the police are yet to update the family regarding their investigations into the crash.

The father however explained that, based on what he has heard, another vehicle ‘clipped’ his son’s car while overtaking about 400 yards from the end of the toll road coming out of Portmore.

“My son ended up in a lane which we would not have been expecting him to be in. He ended up on the outermost lane and he was expected to be in the inner-most lane or the middle lane,” he further said.

When contacted early this morning, the Corporate Communications Unit of the police force said it did not readily have a report on the crash, but it promised to make checks with its officers.

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