DO BETTER, cop tells men in and around Linstead

DO BETTER, cop tells men in and around Linstead

November 27, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

The Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in charge of Linstead, Guy’s Hill, Bog Walk, and Ewarton in the St Catherine North Police Division, said the area under her supervision is having too many issues with families, adding that more men should start taking a positive stand generally throughout the society.

DSP Ilene Fearon-McKenzie said: “Where I am from in the St Catherine North area, we are having a lot of issues with families. As a result, we are having some serious cases of domestic issues – and it’s not only in the St Catherine North area; it is in the area in Jamaica and the world at large.

“We can’t solve our problems anymore, ladies and gentlemen, without getting aggressive and becoming physical… We need to dialogue and not to get physical because, at the end of the day, these physical situations are causing our society on a whole to lose its focus,” DSP Fearon-McKenzie added.

She was addressing an International Men’s Day Awards Ceremony, held at the Town Hall in Guy’s Hill on November 19 under the auspices of the reigning LASCO Top Cop, Corporal Samantha Brown-Thompson.

The DSP, in the meantime, lamented that too many men have become dysfunctional.

“As it stands right now, men are becoming endangered species. I am serious when I say that,” she posited.

“We are depending on the men – the men as the leader of the home, the men as the leader of the community, leader in the schools and in general in the society. We have not seen them coming up to par as we would have loved them to… When you see the men and the boys along the road, everybody is rubbing the hand middle. What it is they are searching for in there, I am not sure,” DSP Fearon-McKenzie said.

She further appealed: “Men, you are called upon because you are strong, and it is for you to take on the role and leadership in this our society and to ensure that you carry out your functions to the best of your ability, and to ensure that the children can emulate your action,” added DSP Fearon-McKenzie.

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