Major Goat-stealing Ring – Bog Walk Politician Nabs Suspect, Saves Him From Mob

Major Goat-stealing Ring – Bog Walk Politician Nabs Suspect, Saves Him From Mob

March 14, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon
Councillor for Bog Walk Division Peter Abrahams is pictured here as well as his goat that he said was returned this month when the thieves found out it belongs to him

Written By: Sandy Burke, Jamaica Beacon writer – St Catherine

Councillor for the Bog Walk Division in St Catherine, Peter Abrahams, said he has made a major dent in what he described as a massive goat-stealing ring affecting several communities such as Bog Walk, Guy’s Hill, Lluidas Vale and Linstead.

The former police officer and licensed firearm holder said he caught one of the “top men” red-handed yesterday morning, and ended up having to save him from being killed by an angry mob that descended on the scene.

Abrahams said the suspect is a taxi operator from Lluidas Vale Division.

He was handed over to the Linstead Police.

The councillor said he has been doing investigation into the goat-stealing ring, and he too ended up becoming a victim of it earlier this month.

He explained that a goat he had given someone to raise was stolen at August Town in Bog Walk and, when the thieves found out that it belongs to him, they left it at Ewarton district for him to recover Ash Wednesday.

In relation to the incident yesterday morning, Abrahams stated that he was driving on the highway heading towards Rosemount round-about in Linstead.

He said he was about three cars behind the one that turned out to be transporting the two suspected goat thieves.

“I see one of the cars move to the left out of the line of traffic, and I saw one of the persons alighted out of the vehicle and grabbed one of the goats and pushed him in the vehicle. He grabbed another goat and also pushed it in the car,” Abrahams claimed. “I swing across to the left and blocked the vehicle from moving.”

Abrahams added that he alighted from his vehicle with his licensed firearm and accosted the suspects.

One of them escaped because a goat “pushed him out of the car”, Abrahams added.

The driver was captured.

“He could not move,” Abrahams said.

While the driver was pinned down along the highway, a number of people coverged on the scene, stating that they too have been victims.

“People did want kill the driver pon the spot; mi haffi save him. One guy jook after him with a knife and mi haffi bounce the guy. Everybody want kill him,” Abrahams said. “It is a goat-stealing ring that we wanted to break. We the citizens have to get involved now based on what is going on in this country and we have to stand up. I was doing an undercover investigation on this team and luckily I caught them red-handed yesterday myself.”

Abrahams further said: “I hand the driver over to the Linstead Police and his vehicle was towed away to the police station also… Him [allegedly] travel with two licence plates – a red licence plate and a private plate.”

The politician lamented that praedial larceny is a major issue in the area.

“I am appealing to whoever is coming in the Bog Walk and Linstead surrounding in my region; I am appealing to them to think twice because I am always on the go and I am securing my territory,” he added.

In the meantime, an amateur video captured at the scene yesterday shows the driver begging for his life. “Beg yuh a chance nuh,” he told Abrahams while under restraint on the roadway.

“A suffer mi a suffer,” the driver claimed, adding that he has a child to support.

“Mi can’t goh back a dem place deh (jail),” he said before being turned over to the police.

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