Lluidas Vale to get neighbourhood watch – MP

Lluidas Vale to get neighbourhood watch – MP

February 21, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Member of Parliament for St Catherine North West Robert Pickersgill said he, along with Councillor Hugh Graham, will ensure that a neighbourhood association is established at Lluidas Vale in the mentioned constituency.

He said such association is vital in ensuring that the community is not plagued by criminals.

Pickersgill, in a recent interview with The Beacon, likened a neighbourhood association to a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at a school.

“We will have to form and start a strident citizens association [in Lluidas Vale]. In my experience as a Member of Parliament, if you go to a school and there is no PTA – or there is a PTA that is not working properly, it reflects on the school.

“It is also true of a community. Anywhere in the world that crime is at a low level, it is because of the cooperation of the citizens; the police alone cannot do it. The promise we made between Councillor [for Lluidas Vale Division] Hugh Graham and myself who is the MP, is that we are gonna get it (citizens association) started; it has to be,” Pickersgill further declared.

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