LINSTEAD | Residents Recover Stolen Car, Nab Suspect

LINSTEAD | Residents Recover Stolen Car, Nab Suspect

April 25, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon

A taxi operator is breathing a sigh of relief after residents joined forces and located his motor car, which was stolen yesterday afternoon in the Banbury area of Linstead, St Catherine.

The vehicle, which is operated on the Linstead to Spanish Town route, was located in the Riversdale area of St Catherine this afternoon.

An amateur video, which has been submitted to The Beacon, shows the handcuffed suspect on his knees on the roadway in front the vehicle in the rain. He seemed terrified as residents looked on and rebuked him.

He eventually was turned over to the police, who are conducting further investigations.

A relative of the taxi operator told The Beacon that some crucial documents that were in the vehicle also have been recovered.

“We the residents separated ourselves and went into different areas in search of the car,” the relative added.

The car was stolen three days after another incident in which a thief drove away a postman’s motorcycle, which had been parked in front Linstead Post Office.

The two cases of motor vehicle theft happened on the heels of an announcement by the police that there has been a decline in the instances of motor vehicle theft in Linstead.

During a virtual community meeting on April 14, Inspector Damion Butler disclosed: “We realize that Linstead, over the years, has been one of the communities that we have a lot of stolen vehicles coming into. I must say that, for the past two years, we are continuing to see a reduction in the whole issue of stolen motor vehicles in Linstead.”

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