Linstead | Police Arrest 15 Amid Clampdown On Illegal Parties

Linstead | Police Arrest 15 Amid Clampdown On Illegal Parties

September 20, 2021 0 By Jamaica Beacon

Police arrested and charged 15 people nabbed at an illegal party on the weekend in the Orangefield area of Linstead, St. Catherine, The Beacon has confirmed.

Although a number of the party goers sprinted away, those held were charged for breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act.

The party location, it is said, was nicely decorated, indicating that the event was well planned and promoted.

“It was off the main road, and it appears to be a premises that has a large open area and is a regular party spot – based on information. The place was properly decorated with cloth – usual party decor. They had liquor tables and all of that – very nice set up,” a law-enforcement source said.

The government has banned parties island-wide as part of an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Earlier this month, a video went viral showing a huge illegal party being held purportedly in Linstead during a lockdown period.

The police, to date, have not been able to confirm if the video is accurate.

“The police can’t get any information on that one, but that video caused things to look very bad on the police,” the law-enforcement source further said.

The source added that the video has resulted in the Linstead police intensifying their effort in locating illegal parties and hauling their promoters and patrons before the court.

“The parties taking place in Linstead, the police are going to move Heaven and earth to find them and prosecute persons,” the law enforcer said, adding that the police in Linstead are also generally intensifying their clampdown on people who breach curfew hours.

The Linstead police are also urging people to report cops who allegedly are accepting bribe to facilitate illegal parties. “So far, there is no hard evidence of the officers doing it,” the law-enforcement source added.

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