Bog Walk | Child Protection Agency Investigating Alleged Abuse

Bog Walk | Child Protection Agency Investigating Alleged Abuse

September 21, 2021 0 By Jamaica Beacon

Dewayne Cameron yesterday posted this photo of himself and his son after posting another with the child wearing bandage

The Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) said it is investigating claims that a child was physically abused on the weekend in the Bog Walk area of St. Catherine.

The child’s father, Dewayne Cameron, yesterday posted photos on social media of his three-year-old son, Jamarie, wearing bandage on his face.

He also posted that, according to the child’s mother, the injuries were inflicted by the minor’s step-father. The step-father is yet to respond to the allegations.

“The image, accompanied by concerns from the child’s father, has led to the agency conducting an investigation,” CPFSA said. “The boy, who is three years old and from a St. Catherine address, was allegedly injured during a domestic dispute between his mother and stepfather [on Sunday].” 
The CPFSA said its investigators located the family yesterday.

“Interviews have been conducted with both parents, and intervention initiated to serve the best interest of the child. The child’s mother additionally made a statement to the police who are also investigating to see if criminal charges are to be laid,” the agency further disclosed.
It promised to continue monitoring the child, adding that counselling is being planned for the family. 
“The CPFSA is again calling on parents to prioritize the protection of their children and resolve disputes in a manner that will not cause harm to them,” the agency said. “Violence, in any form, can affect children. Studies show that children who witness domestic violence or are victims of abuse themselves are at serious risk for long-term physical and mental health problems.”

The CPFSA urged people to report child abuse.

In the meantime, the child’s father said the minor, who previously lived with his mother, is now in his care.

“My son Jamarie is safe and in a protected environment with me. The Bog Walk Police went looking for the boyfriend [of the child’s mother] that [allegedly] did this to my son, but he was nowhere to be found. I personally pressed charges on the incident of what happened and they are still looking for him. If you have further information, call the Bog Walk Police Station,” the father said.

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