Linstead councillor turns 65, says residents speak highly of him

Linstead councillor turns 65, says residents speak highly of him

February 1, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Councillor for the Linstead Division in St Catherine, Herbert Garriques, has told a gathering that he is 65 years old today (February 1) because his conscience is clear and he is committed to being a good volunteer.

“Today why I am Councillor for Linstead is because I am a volunteer. I volunteer myself, and I see councillorship as serving people – and that’s what I have been doing all my time.

“Those of us who live in and around Linstead would tell you ‘yes he is a real good volunteer‘,” Garriques said yesterday.

He was speaking at an event hosted in Linstead by the Linstead Community Development Committee, which is celebrating 20 years of existence and its volunteering members.

Garriques said he first became a volunteer 49 years ago in a youth club.

He added: “I give praises to the man above who has spared me for 65 years and I am still healthy. I am still playing cricket, and I am batting well same way; I am bowling well same way… Volunteerism is one of the things that cause me to go to my bed and sleep happily at nights.

“Sometimes people ask me all the while ‘yuh a 65 fi true?‘ Mi seh ‘yes‘. That’s because I go to my bed and don’t vex with nobody, don’t have up anybody; I just sleep well,” Garriques further said.

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