LETTER: Mi a bawl fi Linstead

LETTER: Mi a bawl fi Linstead

May 16, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Dear Beacon,

When I was growing up in Linstead, St Catherine, I usually have no fear to be on the street at any time I wanted, because it was peaceful. We moved from that, to rushing home when night comes, because the nights got deadly.

Now, in the middle day, with people all around, gunmen are turning our little town into a bloodbath. Dem naah watch nuh face! Right now, mi a bawl fi Linstead.

Imagine. Almost in the middle town yesterday, a robber shot and killed a bread delivery man who was going about his business, earning his honest living! My gosh, mon! Sometimes mi fraid fi work and elevate miself.

Imagine, on April 12, in broad daylight and with many people around doing Friday business, gunmen shot and injured a man who was sitting in his car. Di car front full a bullet holes.

Worse, a school girl walking in the area when that car was shot up was also shot and injured. That little girl could have been any one of us.

I am crying because too many gun attacks happening in Linstead town in middle day! Where are the police who should be on foot patrolling the town – not just passing through it in their vehicles? Tell mi wen oonu find them!



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