KINGS LANDING – providing jobs, affordable fuel and good customer service at Linstead bypass

KINGS LANDING – providing jobs, affordable fuel and good customer service at Linstead bypass

December 7, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Dubbed the way-maker, the brand new service station along Linstead bypass in St. Catherine is bent on making a way for Jamaicans seeking employment, and for those in search of top-notch customer service and first-rate goods and services.

Kings Landing Service Station, which has been certified and approved by the Bureau of Standards, commenced operation in late August.

It sells a variety of products, including fuel, lubricants such as engine oil, windscreen wipers, and ‘Kings Landing’ branded air fresheners and hand sanitizers.

The proprietor, Sean Kinghorn, a standout Jamaican lawyer, told The Beacon that good customer service, fair pricing and corporate social responsibility are hallmarks of his firm.

He said: “It is important to me that the community and surrounding communities know that it is my intention to ensure that the station remains the conscience of the industry in the area… That’s why our motto is ‘the waymaker’. We intend to lead the way for consumers to get the benefit of proper, reasonable and fair pricing of fuel in the area.

“Finally, the station must give back to the community. It must provide employment for people in the area. It must provide sponsorship for community outreach and it must provide A Class service,” Kinghorn further declared.

His sentiments are shared by Jevaughn Gordon, a Linstead native and Kings Landing marketer.

He postulated that the service station, being located along Linstead bypass, provides a superb alternative for motorists who are usually hard-pressed to divert into Linstead town to merely purchase fuel.

Gordon explained: “Many persons use the Linstead bypass to go to their homes, go to Kingston, go to Ewarton, go to St. Ann, turn off in Bynloss, turn off in Zepherton, and turn off in Commodore. When the gas station wasn’t on the bypass, many people had to turn out of their way and turn into Linstead town to get gas. Now, it is convenient for them; the gas station is on their way home. All they can do is pull off the road and get gas.”

Gordon expressed confidence that Kings Landing will also pull motorists from Linstead town centre, especially using its good customer service and affordable prices.

Elaborating on pricing, he noted: “Every Thursday, Petrojam [oil refinery] changes prices [at which fuel is sold to service stations], but we usually see what is the best price to put out there for persons who would otherwise have a problem with gas prices in the [Linstead] area. We try to put our prices in a way that they don’t make us lose, but they are affordable to our targeted demography.”

Motorists and other members of the community have been responding positively, Gordon told The Beacon. “The reception has been quite surprising and welcoming,” he said.

Kings Landing Service Station, in the meantime, is not the only investment that Kinghorn has been pumping into the Linstead bypass area.

He is also investing in a commercial complex, as well as a mini-mart that will adjoin the service station.

The new development also includes a residential community – Kings Landing Country Club, which is located across the road from the service station.

A major spin-off of the project is the relatively large number of jobs being created for people in and around Linstead, Bog Walk and Ewarton. Already, 10 people have found direct employment at the service station, where construction work is still in full swing.

Gordon explained: “We are still expanding and persons are still sending their résumés, and we will take them into account when we start the mini-mart or the commercial complex. The commercial complex will have many offices, one of the fast-food chains, a supermarket and many other businesses that will offer jobs to persons in and around Linstead.

“We also have the development in front of the service station – which is Kings Landing Country Club. We already have residents over there. When that is in full swing, we will probably have more persons working over there in terms of cleaning and gardening and maintenance. The whole Kings Landing brand is expanding, and it will provide jobs for people. As we say, we are the way-maker,” Gordon further noted.

He, underscoring the importance of feedback, encourages people to contact Kings Landing Service Station at (876) 224-4081. They can also click HERE to see the company’s website, HERE to follow the firm on Facebook, HERE for Instagram, and HERE to follow on Twitter.

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