King hopeful despite falling from donkey

King hopeful despite falling from donkey

August 2, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Owayne King said he felt embarrassed yesterday when he lost balance and fell from the donkey he was racing, causing laughter among the relatively large group of people who gathered for the annual donkey races at Top Hill district in Lluidas Vale, St Catherine.

King, a resident of the area, told The Beacon that he lost balance in the race that he was leading, adding that he was distracted when he looked back at his sole competitor who had ended up on the asphalted roadway.

His competitor, who hails from the Croft’s Hill area of Clarendon, eventually was declared winner of the race because he quickly remounted Razor and completed the distance. King, at that time, was still struggling to regain control of the donkey he calls Black Stallion.

“Mi feel embarrassed; mi feel shame bad,” King lamented, adding that he would not have fallen if he had been riding his own animal.

He told The Beacon that, although it was not his first time falling from a donkey, his latest misfortune struck at the wrong time and place.

“A nuh di first time mi a drop off a donkey; mi drop off a donkey whole heap a time,” he said.

King further stated that, although he did not participate in any other race subsequent to his latest fall, he will definitely return to the event next year to again test his luck.

“The donkey race overall was good; mi enjoy it; donkey race nice every year,” King declared while speaking highly of his Top Hill community and the relative peace that he said exists there.

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