KELLITS: Father and children working for big break in dancing

KELLITS: Father and children working for big break in dancing

December 22, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Clifford Campbell, on a typical day, is busy tending to his crops in order to financially support his family in the farming community of Douglas Castle, near Kellits, Clarendon.

He, every now and then, shows up at an entertainment event, often accompanied by his three children – Sarah, Kaylond and Samoya.

The father, along with his eight-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter Sarah, on the night of December 13, attended the Miss Kellits High School competition in their hometown.

Sarah entered a dancing competition and won. Before the show ended, she, along with her father and brother, was on stage whipping the crowd into a frenzy with various dance moves.

A number of patrons, apparently impressed with the performance, threw money on the stage for the trio to collect.

It was the only money they were earning for the night, considering that they were not booked for the event.

The father stated that he and his children do not usually rake in funds from performances, causing his common-law-wife Felisha Brown to sometimes question their rationale for dancing.

Clifford, who has been dancing since he was a teenager, remains optimistic that he and his children will one day become dancing stars and make big bucks from their talents.

“The whole community is talking about us,” he told The Beacon.

“Mi wouldn’t mind fi get a bus (break) in dancing, because mi really skill pon certain things. Everybody seh dem think mi woulda reach further in dancing… You can make a career out of dancing if the thing reach far.”

The father further stated that the fulfillment of his dream would inspire generations of especially rural dancers.

In addition to teaching his children to dance, Clifford trains other young people who are members of his Young Link dance crew.

The chemistry he shares with his children is inescapable.

That bond, Clifford noted, is not only shown on stage.

“I would encourage other fathers to hold up their heads and remember that the children are the future,” the dancer advised, adding: “Without the future, we would have no world.”

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