State Of Community Concerns St Catherine Residents

State Of Community Concerns St Catherine Residents

April 28, 2024 0 By Jamaica Beacon

By Jo’Ordine Tucker, Contributor

The residents of Treadways, St. Catherine are concerned about the state of their community despite the re-election of Mr. Sydney Rose as Councillor.

After the recent local government election in February 2024, the community of Treadways, Linstead, St Catherine is ready for this new tenure. Notwithstanding, there are problems they observe in their community that they think are not being properly dealt with. People in the community believe their representatives are not doing enough as it relates to infrastructure and community development.

According to the residents of Treadways, these roads were laced with potholes and overgrown bushes, infringing on the already narrow passageway, leaking or dismantled pipe systems, and insufficient community programs catering to the youth.

Howard Facey, a senior resident of the community, claims the roads weren’t always bad. He grew up in the area and remembers the roads being well kept by officials with the support of residents.

“NWC replacing the iron pipes is a problem,” this according to Megan Reid, another resident of Treadways. 

Additionally, she commented: “All they do they do is they come, dig up the roads, replace the iron pipes with the new pipes and just leave it like that.”

Megan also suggested that, even though they filled up the holes with dirt, it is not re-asphalted, as such it makes one part of the road uneven. When it rains, those unrepaired spots become potholes themselves.

Alecia Facey Ramsey, a teacher at Bermady Primary School, admits that “Treadways isn’t a bad place to live concerning crime, but, as it relates to the roads, years gone by things were a little better”. 

Ramsey also commented that, even though the community has a lot of young people, there is no infrastructure to make their lives better. She also believes these youths have no aid in creating a purpose in their lives. She insisted that she would love to see the youths being assisted in programs for their personal development, as well as the renovation of the community centre.

The Councillor of the Treadways Division in St. Catherine, Jamaica, Sydney Rose, believes he has made great contributions to the community and has done his part in making the community of Treadways St. Catherine a better place to live. 

“Over 90% of my area have potable water. I have also been able to introduce electricity in some areas, which had no electricity for the first time. I’ve also assisted in assisting persons through educational grants to go to secondary and other tertiary institutions”, Rose says.

He however, fully understands the frustration of the community and hear their cries. Fortunately, he has plans for the future, including the construction of a healthcare centre, proper supply of water and the refurbishing of roads. 

Councillor Sydney Rose believes he was reinstated for a purpose. During this tenure he aims to do the best he can to effectively represent the interests of the community. 

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