Keisha rescued!

Keisha rescued!

June 15, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

A family is expressing shock about the conditions under which one of its loved ones, Karen Oliver – better known as Keisha, lived for years. Relatives said Keisha usually gave the impression that all is well.

However, that perspective changed when The Beacon, on Wednesday, June 12, published a story about the virtually homeless Keisha appealing for help to build a small house on a plot of land donated to her at Nugent Road in Ewarton, St Catherine.

She is not from Ewarton, but was living there for years among total strangers. Keisha originally is from another community known as Garden Hill in the Point Hill area of St Catherine.

She, along with three of her six children, was heavily dependent on strangers especially since last weekend when the floor of the faulty wooden structure they occupied in Ewarton partly collapsed.

Since that misfortune, Keisha, who washed clothes for a living in Ewarton, was staying with some women who had threatened to throw away her belongings.

Two of her brothers, after reading The Beacon’s story, travelled miles away from their home to Ewarton on a rescue mission.

One of the brothers, Rashane Oliver, said Keisha is now back at her original district in the Point Hill area.

She however was reluctant to return to the home she left years ago.

“At one point, she never really want to leave – probably because of her friends or whatever. But, to me, that place she was living [in Ewarton] is not a comfortable place for her and her kids to stay,” Rashane told The Beacon.

He further said: “I don’t know why she choose to live that life [in Ewarton], but she has more than place where she can stay [in Point Hill].

“All the while we call her, she [said she] is alright. If the story never come out, we would never realize that she was living like that. Family members come together and plan, and wi goh for her and so forth,” Rashane added.

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