Julal leaves Glenmuir with 18 CXC subjects – all in Grade Ones

Julal leaves Glenmuir with 18 CXC subjects – all in Grade Ones

September 26, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

As Breanna Julal closes another impressive chapter of her academic life, there is no greater feeling than looking at the 18 subjects she has attained – all in Grade Ones, the best grade achievable.

The recent graduate of Glenmuir High School in Clarendon earned 10 CSEC subjects in the year 2016, four CAPE subjects in 2017, and four other CAPE subjects this year.

The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) indicates that Julal achieved the following CAPE results over two years in sixth form:

Biology (Unit One) – Grade One
Biology (Unit Two) – Grade One

Chemistry (Unit One) – Grade One
Chemistry (Unit Two) – Grade One

Food and Nutrition – Grade One

Physics (Unit One) – Grade One
Physics (Unit Two) – Grade One

Caribbean Studies – Grade One
Communication Studies – One

In the meantime, CXC, three years ago, awarded Julal the following grades for CSEC exams:

Biology – Grade One
Chemistry – Grade One
Physics – Grade One

English A – Grade One
Spanish – Grade One

Mathematics – Grade One
Additional Math – Grade One

Caribbean History – Grade One
Geography – Grade One

Julal, who enrolled at the University of the West Indies, is proud of her effort.

“I am ecstatic about my grades overall. I am also extremely grateful as I worked extremely hard for them despite the challenges that stood in my way these past years,” Julal told The Beacon.

She wants to become a medical doctor, specializing in paediatrics due to her love for children.

During her years at Glenmuir High, the resident of May Pen in Clarendon served as a prefect, House Captain, Treasurer of the Photography Club, and President of the Science Club.

In 2017, she outclassed researchers from all over the Caribbean to win the UWI Outstanding Child Research Award, and to also cop the sectional prize for Best Oral Presentation.

Julal said current students who want to emulate her success should start working assiduously from the outset.

“It might seem very challenging. You will feel overwhelmed, hopeless and defeated, but keep pushing at it. Stay focused, organized and motivated,” she further advised.

Julal said: “In the end, when you see all those Grade Ones, trust me, there is no greater feeling.”

By Horace Mills

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