I am devastated | Kellits man loses two relatives months apart in bike crashes

I am devastated | Kellits man loses two relatives months apart in bike crashes

March 24, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Former Jamaica Labour Party general election candidate Caswell Pinnock is not a happy man today, considering that a helmet could have saved two of his close relatives whose lives were snuffed out months apart in similar bike crashes near Kellits, Clarendon.

His 50-year-old brother Winston Pinnock died in January when his motorcycle slammed into a car at Dam Main Road; his 48-year-old brother-in-law Fitz-Gerald Black died last week when his motorcycle crashed into a car at Shooter district.

Both men, who suffered severe head injuries, were not wearing helmets, Pinnock told The Beacon.

He said his in-law, who resided at Rhoden Hall district, visited a family friend and was returning home when his motorcycle crashed into a motor vehicle, which incidentally belongs to the said family friend.

The crash transpired in the vicinity of a business place that the family friend operates.

“The family friend’s motor vehicle was being driven out [of the business-place] onto the major roadway by an employee, and he (Black) crashed into it.

“He suffered full head injuries – absolute head injuries. He was pronounced dead at Linstead Hospital, but he really died on the spot,” Pinnock posited.

He told The Beacon that his in-law was a well-known biker in the Kellits area. “He was popular among the girls, popular among the men – popular among just about anybody. He had a large fan-base.

“He was a very jovial person who I think was loved by everybody,”Pinnock continued. “My brother-in-law liked to profile; he was a profiler – truth be told. He liked to portray himself like the fastest rider [and] the man of the moment; he liked to steal the moment.”

Former Jamaica Labour Party general election candidate Caswell Pinnock (middle) along with his brother Winston Pinnock (right) and Fitz-Gerald Black.

Pinnock said his wife, Rebecca, is also devastated by the loss of her only brother.

“The only word I can find right now is ‘devastated’,” he added.

Pinnock, in the meantime, appealed for motorcyclists to wear protective gears.

“I would really appeal not only to the bikers, but to the authorities to ensure that helmets be worn,” Pinnock said while calling for a clampdown on motorcycles across the island.

“Right across the island, we are losing too many lives because of motorcycles, and, in fact, most of them are not even legitimately regularized in terms of being roadworthy…” he said.

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By Horace Mills, Journalist

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