KELLITS: Crash victim remembered for kindness

A family in the Kellits area of Clarendon is struggling to come to terms with the tragic passing of its loved one, 50-year-old Winston Pinnock, who loved farming and children dearly.

Pinnock, pictured above, drew his last breath in Kingston Public Hospital (KHP) on Monday afternoon, January 21. That’s a day after the Eagle motorcycle he was driving crashed into a Mazda station wagon on the Dam Main Road – not far from Kellits.

“We are just trying to come to grip with the reality; it is still like an illusion right now,” said Caswell Pinnock, a former Jamaica Labour Party general election candidate and brother of the deceased.

He added: “We went to the hospital and were with my brother – from May Pen Hospital into KPH, until we realized it was his final moment. It is a really difficult time for us.”

The late Pinnock, who was a devout farmer known especially for his ginger production, had been driving motorcycles for more than 30 years, the family said.

He has three children – one of whom is Stephanie Pinnock, who recalls her last moment with her father.

“My last moment with him was two Saturdays ago when I took his grandson to spend some time with him. They played ‘bike’ all night – playing in helmet and starting the ‘bike engine’. My son enjoyed it,” she told The Beacon.

The late Winston Pinnock hanging out with his common-law-wife (second left) and children

Ms Pinnock further stated that her father loved children – all of them. “He made us feel loved as he would call me everyday and end every conversation with ‘daddy love yuh, yuh hear mi baby’. I will miss that,” she further said.

The late Pinnock carried a pleasant demeanour and was always willing to give a helping hand, his daughter asserted.

“Daddy Winston was the most kind-hearted and caring person I know – and the community of Reckford can second that. He is always warm to meet and friendly especially to children. He is never without a smile, hence the name ‘Gold Teeth Wimpy’. He is always offering his assistance in whatever way he can. It is a bother to him when he can’t help with any situation presented to him,” Ms Pinnock said.

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Funeral arrangements for the late Pinnock are yet to be finalized.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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