HUGH ON HIGH – PNP candidate challenges opponent to release findings of poll

August 20, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

People’s National Party (PNP) candidate in St. Catherine North West, Hugh Graham, is oozing confidence that he will become the new Member of Parliament for the constituency, adding that he has the highest favourability rating in the constituency.

He was among three candidates nominated in the seat on Tuesday to contest the General Election on September 3. The others are Newton Amos of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and independent candidate Gene Guthrie.

Both Amos and Graham had relatively large crowds outside Linstead Courthouse where they were nominated after each paying $15,000.

The JLP candidate later told The Beacon that several of the people who accompanied Graham are from outside the constituency.

In response, Graham challenged Amos to release the results of a poll that the JLP reportedly did in the constituency.

“Since him love talk, tell him to release the poll that the JLP did in North West St. Catherine – if him bad,” Graham said. “I have the highest favourability rating in North West St. Catherine, so it isn’t a surprise that people showed up for me.”

Graham, who recently served as Councillor for the Lluidas Vale Division in the constituency, said the Nomination Day exercise was great.

He further stated that his team will now amplify its campaign. “I have to respond to the people; I am here for the people,” Graham said.

He also led a motorcade from his office in Linstead to the nomination centre, and then to various communities in the constituency.

The motorcade had a huge truck from which music blared; it also had people predominantly clad in the PNP’s colour – orange. Many of them travelled with brooms – vowing to ‘sweep out’ the JLP government at the polls.

Among the people who came out to support Graham were Councillors Herbert Garriques and Sydney Rose, as well as Councillor candidate Donald Tinling Jr.

They all expressed confidence that Graham will defeat his opponents.

Tinling commented: “We are 100 percent confident that the People’s National Party and Mr. Hugh Graham will be victorious. No other party can come into North West St. Catherine and bully the People’s National Party. We are the party that stands for the people and works for the people.”

Similar sentiment came from Robert Pickersgill, a member of the PNP who served as Member of Parliament for St. Catherine North West until he retired recently.

“Amos doesn’t have a chance,” Pickersgill told The Beacon while he travelled in a vehicle through the town of Linstead.

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