Good Feedback – Training Course Available To Help Fight Damage To Environment

Good Feedback – Training Course Available To Help Fight Damage To Environment

May 30, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon

Aleya Jobson, founder of Portal Academy

There is no better time than now to learn the importance of creating and maintaining eco-friendly businesses, which essentially are not harmful to the environment.

Aleya Jobson, through her business named Portal Academy, is facilitating the six-week course on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business.

It is being offered via Zoom.

Persons can register and get other information by CLICKING HERE.

“We teach about the realities we are facing currently with the climate crisis,” Jobson said. “We have about seven years left to stop the biggest problem we have ever faced as a species – global warming. People will benefit from this course by learning about this urgent issue and turning their concern into action.”

Persons in developing countries like Jamaica, which may not have certain resources to combat the atrocities of global warming, should pay particular attention, Jobson contends.

“Rich countries have solutions like building machines that suck carbon out of the atmosphere…” Jobson explained.

She added: “As less wealthy countries with social issues on top of the climate issues, our money is better spent on simpler solutions, but the good news is that we know what is causing it and we know how to fix the problem.”

Jobson contends that, by educating people who will eventually inform others about how to preserve the natural environment, the course functions as a solution to the issue.

“Participants in the course come out empowered and are facilitated in creating a business that does good for more than just the people who earn the profit,” she reasoned. “They become a force for good in their communities and they become hyper-informed global citizens, aware of the part they play in the human tapestry.”

The course is tutored by Jobson, a Jamaican native studying Gender and Diversity at Whall University in Germany. The other tutor is Monica Brown, who has worked with organizations such as the Planning Institute of Jamaica, and the Ministry of National Security.

Like Brown, Jobson has participated in several sustainable development projects. They include a trip she made around South America learning about alternative lifestyles and carbon-neutral lifestyle adjustments.

Jobson told The Beacon that the course she offers has been successful thus far and participants get certificates at the end.

“We have been getting really good reviews,” she said. “Course participants say how it’s eye-opening, they are so much more aware of the environment, and how they take care of the earth.”

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