Game Changer – Jamaican Security Guards To Benefit From Major Partnership

May 30, 2022 0 By Horace Mills

Two security firms operated by Jamaican natives are forging ties through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to facilitate advanced training and better employment opportunities for security guards on the island.

They are the Institute of Protective and Security Services (IPSS) located at Denbigh in Clarendon, and S.C. Protection And Security Company situated in the United States.

In pursuit of the plan, Chief Executive Officer of IPSS, Mickoyon Paisley, travelled to the United States where he held discussions on April 18 with the proprietor of S.C. Protection, Fabian McKnight.

“The meeting was very successful. A lot of things were tabled and I am seeking advice from lawyers. I just can’t wait to see the outcome of the partnership, but I know it will be positive,” said McKnight, who migrated six years ago.

Before doing so, he worked in Jamaica as a security guard and a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

One of the main proposals in the MOU, McKnight said, is for local security guards to travel to the United States to pursue certification in advanced training.

That higher level of training would expose Jamaica-based security guards to more opportunities and make them more marketable, Paisley opined.

He further told The Beacon: “In Jamaica, the only [security guard] training we can do now is Level One to Level Three. We would like to get certain field training… SC Protection offers a lot of international courses that would benefit us – especially our senior members.” 

Paisley added that such partnership would push the boundaries of the private security industry, which he described as one of the fastest growing industries internationally.

“It is one of our biggest moves as it relates to a local company [in the private security industry] partnering with a company in the US,” he said.

Paisley continued: “To have partnerships like this will allow our youngsters to have a better appreciation of security. It will motivate them to push that area… A partnership with a US company is a big plus for us here in Jamaica. Once people see you link with a company in the United States, it motivates them and pushes even our company to a higher standard because the US would have certain courses that Jamaica doesn’t offer unless you go international.”

Paisley and McKnight, in the meantime, spoke highly of each other in terms of character and business acumen.

The two met some 20 years ago through the National Inter-school Brigade, which is a reform programme for unattached Jamaican youths. At that time, McKnight was serving in the JCF and Paisley was a Cadet in grade seven in high school.

Helping vulnerable youths is an area of interest for the duo, which has high hopes that, through their business partnership, they will assist especially unattached young Jamaicans.

“You have a lot of youngsters out here who are not doing anything [constructive]. Some are unattached youths and some are in the garrison. We would really want to help them,” Paisley said.

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